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  1. I received a Perfect Aire portable air conditioner for free from a friend. It needed parts like a vent hose and a window pain thing. I couldn’t find one at the stores in town so a guy that was helping me said to get a dryer vent and use cardboard for the window piece. We hooked it up and duct taped it to the unit. But the tape won’t stay and it’s hotter than hell in my room. The unit is outdated. It’s a 8000 btu and all the research I’ve done is for 9000 btu. But anyways any information you can give me, would be great. Thank you!!!

    1. I understand that you are having trouble with your portable air conditioner. It sounds like you are using a dryer vent hose and cardboard as a makeshift window kit. This is not a safe or effective way to vent a portable air conditioner. The dryer vent hose is not designed to withstand the heat and moisture from the air conditioner, and the cardboard will not seal properly. This is why the tape is not staying in place.

      In addition, using a dryer vent hose and cardboard will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. The air conditioner will not be able to properly remove the hot air from the room, and the room will not cool down.

      I recommend that you purchase a proper window kit for your portable air conditioner. You can find these at most hardware stores. The window kit will come with a hose that is designed for use with air conditioners, and it will also come with a window seal that will ensure a tight fit.

  2. What do the wires mean 1N, 2L, and 3s1

    1. The wires 1N, 2L, and 3s1 are used in electrical wiring to indicate the different types of wires.

      * 1N stands for Neutral. The neutral wire is the return path for the current that flows through the live wire. It is typically white or gray in color.
      * 2L stands for Load. The load wires carry the current that is used to power the appliances and lights in a home. They are typically black or red in color.
      * 3s1 stands for Single-phase. This means that there are three wires in the circuit, but only one of them is carrying current at a time. The other two wires are used to provide a return path for the current.