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  1. Mark Spiegel says:

    Hi Do you know who manufacturs Idylis portable air conditioners? I cant any parts online for Idylis portable AC 0625616 but the other brands appear to use the same blower wheel. If I can find out who makes Idylis AC I might be able to locate the right blower wheel.

    1. Hi, Mark, As far as I know all type of Idylis products are manufactured and produced by Woongjin Coway Company, which has its base in South Korea.

      For help you more, you can try to contact their official website: https://www.coway.com/
      Or you can try to reach though their LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/woongjin-coway-co-ltd-/

      Hope you’ll resolve your problem and let me know if any question you have or need more help from me.