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  1. Bruce Crumpler says:

    my float switch will not cut off the a/c when flooded.

    1. Hi, Bruce

      Did you try to bypass float switch when it’s not working for your A/C? Just give try!

      If not sure how to do it, follow this article ( Bypassing AC Float Switch )

  2. We have our HAVAC unit serviced twice a year, however this is the third time the same float switch did not shut off the unit allowing it to flood my hallway where the air handler is located and into the garage area too. I have the condensate float switch. So every time the pan which is encased in the unit overflows, the float switch does not trip to shut off the unit and I call them for emergency service. Same company who installed the unit, and every time when I ask what is the problem and why didn’t the float switch turn the unit off? The tech says the pan and or drain line got clogged with algae which caused the overflow, but nothing is wrong with the float switch. How could that be possible when the float switch is supposed to turn the unit off preventing the overflow of water from pan or clogged drain line?

    1. Hi,
      It is possible that the float switch is not working properly, even though the technician says that it is. The float switch is a mechanical device, and it can wear out over time. It is also possible that the float switch is not properly calibrated.

      Here are some other possible reasons why the float switch may not have turned off the unit:

      + The float switch may be dirty or corroded.
      + The float switch may be stuck in the up position.
      + The float switch may not be connected properly.
      If you are concerned that the float switch is not working properly, you can ask the technician to check it again. You can also ask them to replace the float switch if they think it is necessary.
      I hope this helps!