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  1. Jennifer Bogle says:

    We have two Coleman Mach ACs on our Class A diesel (2013 Tiffin Allegro Red). ACs work fine when sitting still and on generator power. When we are driving and use the generator to power the ACs, they work fine for a few miles, but then all we get is warm air. Today we tried only using the front AC with the same result. Note we are in Oklahoma with very hot temps. We’ve asked several RV techs, RV forums, etc. and no one has a clue. Any guidance? Thank you!

    1. Really sorry, Jennifer B

      I’ve currently less expertise to your specific (2013 Tiffin Allegro Red) one. But here are some general thoughts about your issue that might help you more understanding.

      Re-check this:

      Airflow Restrictions: Check if there are any obstructions or blockages in the air vents, ducts, or filters of the AC units. Reduced airflow could lead to inefficient cooling.

      Overheating: Driving in hot weather conditions might cause the AC units to overheat. Check if the condenser coils or the exterior of the AC units are covered with dirt, debris, or anything that could impede proper heat dissipation. Clean the coils if necessary.

      Generator Overload: Verify that the generator is appropriately sized to handle the power requirements of both AC units simultaneously. Running multiple air conditioners can put a significant load on the generator, and if it’s not powerful enough, it might trip or shut down.