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  1. Mike Kurtzner says:

    My dometic air conditioner is cycling on and off every few seconds when it gets to the desired temp . The units are only six months old

    1. First, try resetting the air conditioner. To do this, turn off the power to the air conditioner, then wait 30 seconds. Turn the power back on and see if the problem persists. (Hope you already did)

      If resetting the air conditioner doesn’t fix the problem, try checking the thermostat. The thermostat may be set too low, which is causing the air conditioner to cycle on and off too often. Try increasing the thermostat setting by a few degrees and see if that helps.

      If the thermostat setting is not the problem, you may have a more serious issue with the air conditioner. In this case, you may need to call a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the problem. But before that, check your warranty card if you’ve valid warranty then contact the company they will help yo.

      Here are some other possible causes of short cycling:

    2. A loose or damaged wire connection
      A faulty thermostat
      A problem with the air conditioner’s compressor
      A problem with the air conditioner’s fan motor
      A problem with the air conditioner’s refrigerant
  2. Mike Clifford says:

    Dometic AC. Thermostat set to cool to 70 degrees then thermostat resets itself to 32 degrees. Found a you tube where it showed moving a single wire (white/yellow) that is not connected to anything. As I move this wire around thermostat goes back to to 70 and AC cools again. Unit may run for days then this happens again. I think the wire is a thermostat wire it then gauge like a telephone or door bell wire.

  3. Ladd Frank says:

    I have a 2018 Coleman 300TQ. I purchased it used 2 years ago. The Dometic roof top air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. Last summer it worked but was freezing up and dropping ice inside my unit. I narrowed it down to no refrigerant. Compressor works, fan motor works. I find it hard to imagine purchasing another Dometic if they don’t work after a few years

    1. Thanks for honest review meanwhile sorry about your situation.

      Anyway, “freezing up and dropping ice inside unit” isn’t any more major issue nowadays. just contact your local service center they can easily fix this type of issue. Hope for the best.

  4. Leslie Peterson says:

    My dometic ac in my ford transit will start working and blows cool air for a couple hours and then kicks into just blowing air. What do we need to do? Reset it?
    We’ve have used it 3 times.