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  1. My neighbors AC can run so loud at times that my whole house rumbles n vibrates. It’s unbearable. A white noise machine can’t mask it as it’s a low frequency like a bass note. These r new compressors too n the guy won’t be receptive to additional complaints. I even offered to pay to try n quiet his original compressors n that ended in a fight. We re-sided with 1″ insulation n replaced key windows with triple pane glass with no improvement. The opposite side our neighbor has an insanely loud compressor but somehow the home improvements are helping there. Any idea why the “bad side” is permeating my home? We’re at the point where the only solution is to move after 26 yrs.

    1. I understand the frustration caused by your neighbor’s loud AC unit. Despite your efforts, low-frequency noise can be difficult to mitigate completely. It’s possible that vibrations are traveling through the structure of your house. Consulting an acoustic specialist or exploring mediation options may help. If all else fails, moving might be the best solution for your peace of mind.