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  1. Can you please elaborate on Cold Water bath decreasing blood pressure and Cold temperature increasing blood pressure? Is it not contradicting?

    1. Micheal S says:

      Not arguing Surya but here is my thought about it (from my small brain)

      The effects of cold water baths and cold temperatures on blood pressure are two different physiological responses and can seem contradictory at first glance. However, they are distinct processes that occur in the body due to different mechanisms.

      cold water baths and cold temperatures have different effects on blood pressure due to distinct physiological responses. Cold water baths, such as in a cold plunge or cold shower, trigger the diving reflex and result in a temporary decrease in blood pressure. On the other hand, exposure to cold temperatures causes cold-induced vasoconstriction, leading to a temporary increase in blood pressure. Both responses are part of the body’s adaptive mechanisms to cope with cold conditions and ensure its survival.