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  1. What if there is no reset button and the unplug, clean filter and no water in tank but says FL (full)…how do you get it to reset?
    Ge a/c & heater unit.
    Model APHD10AXWBL 1

    1. Hi SUE,

      In this case, it would be preferable to contact an authorized GE technician who can provide guidance on locating any hidden reset options on the unit. They have the expertise and knowledge specific to your GE A/C and heater model (APHD10AXWBL 1) and can offer the most accurate assistance.

      Meanwhile, you can re-inspect these possibilities:

      1. Double-check the water tank: Even if you believe there is no water in the tank, make sure to verify this again. Open the unit and inspect the tank to ensure there is no water present. If there is any water, empty the tank and dry it thoroughly.

      2. Power cycle the unit: Unplug the unit from the power source and leave it disconnected for about 10 minutes. This will allow any residual power to drain from the unit’s circuitry. After 10 minutes, plug the unit back in and see if the FL message persists.

      3. Check the user manual: Locate the user manual that came with your GE A/C and heater unit. Look for troubleshooting instructions or a section specifically dedicated to error codes and their solutions. The manual might provide additional information on how to resolve the FL (full) issue or indicate the presence of a hidden reset button.

      Reference article:
      1. https://smartacsolutions.com/ge-portable-room-air-conditioner-fl-code/
      2. https://smartacsolutions.com/how-to-fix-fl-on-air-conditioner/
      3. GE support contacts: https://www.geappliances.com/ge/service-and-support/contact.htm

  2. Hi, I have two identical Noma 10k btu portable ac’s that are the same age and doing the same thing, they power up as they should but they don’t produce cold air at all. I’ve checked the filters and coils, everything seems fine. I’ve also done the power reset, no change!

    1. Hey, Bill.
      Really sorry to hear your problem and even doing so many efforts it should be okay but didn’t. I think it’s the problem that coming from “cooling function” Means nothing can help you by changing/cleaning external components.

      Anyway, in this case I can say, Only official technician/manufacturer team give you most valued solution. Though Other experts can also be doing same thing but I recommend them first.

  3. Zachary liberty says:

    Lg model # LP1415GXR
    Bad connection to outlet made it shut off, have tried restarting but does not work still

    1. Here some more you can try, hope your unit will be ok then:
      1. Check Power Outlet
      2. Inspect Power Cord
      3. Test Another Outlet
      4. Cooling Down Period: Some air conditioners have a built-in safety feature that prevents immediate restart after a power interruption. The unit may need a cooling down period before it can be turned back on. Wait for a few minutes before attempting to restart it.

      Thanks for asking.