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  1. Patricia Knight says:

    Engine hot AC off light comes on. All fluids full. Car not overheating. Dealer turned light off car is fine but came on again.

  2. Patricia Knight says:

    Engine hot AC off light comes intermittently. Fluids full, not overheating, but fan comes on after car is turned off. When light is reset car is fine. What is going on.

    1. It seems like there may be an issue with the engine’s cooling system. The “Engine hot AC off” light comes on intermittently, which could indicate that the engine is getting too hot and the AC system is being turned off to prevent damage. However, you mentioned that the fluids are full and the car is not overheating, which suggests that the temperature sensor or the wiring may be faulty.

      The fact that the fan comes on after the car is turned off could also indicate an issue with the cooling system. The fan is designed to continue running after the engine is turned off to help dissipate any remaining heat.